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Ten years ago today, Miguel Cabrera made his major league debut.

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I know they’re fighting, but I’m counting this as a brofist.
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Anonymous asks:do you know tumblr-user Marie irl? she talks about you sometimes. and you seem pretty cool. what do you think about her? did you know how depressed she is/was before you got on tumblr?

Yes I do. I have known “tumblr-user” Marie for a long time, and since I’ve known her she has pretty much been one of my best friends. Yeah, we might not have kept up maybe as much as we could have in the past year or so but we’ve been talking a lot more recently!

I actually wouldn’t have known (and didn’t know) about her depression if she didn’t talk to me about it a few weeks ago. I never would have thought, to be honest, but she said she is getting better and that’s all that matters.


This pretty much sums up my opinion about E3 today.

Sony Unveils the PlayStation 4
Anonymous asks:if you could change your name to anything what would you change it to?

I like my name, but if I were to change it (my first name anyways) it would probably be something like Andrew, Joel, Jack. I like simpler names.